Lipsy frames are aimed at young, glamorous women. Highlighting fashion, Lipsy glasses boast quality for the party girl lifestyle. Established in fashionable, central London, Lipsy is loved by many celebrities and style icons such as Alex Gerrard and Made In Chelsea’s Lucy Watson.  The range includes feminine frames which are often finished with diamantes to […]

Introducing our ‘Make up spectacles’.  Do you find it difficult applying make up because you have trouble seeing without your spectacles? This clever design, glazed with a near prescription allows each eye in turn to swivel down leaving clear access to apply make up to the other eye.  

Emperor Nero used to watch gladiator fights with Emeralds in front of his eyes which had no protection but protected his eyes from the glare.  Chinese judges in the 12th century would hide their eyes behind similar crystals to hide their facial expressions when examining witnesses.

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